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This is so me..when Tokio Hotel pops up on t.v lol

Like oneday i was watchin America’s Next Top Model. and one of the challenges was to shoot a photo with one of Bill and Tom Kaulitz’s Photographer…and when the photographer walked in…Bill and tom’s photo popped up on the screen….so you know i started to scream..and my ovaries exploded lol jk but anywhoo my mum was in the room with me..and her facial expression was like, “SWEET JESUS SMH NOT AGAIN”

[NEW ARTICLE] Tokio Hotel won The O Music Awards for a 4th time in a row! [21.06.2013]

Since 2011 the O Music Awards exist to reward and honor the music and technology, and the intersection between the two. This year, at the OMA 2013, Tokio Hotel returned to mark the awards gala via camera, as in all previous years, in which they were appointed.
The truth is that nobody can take these Germans away from the throne, and their army of fans are back to attack and bring at home the trophy “Best Fan Army” for 4th in a row. In a final battle between fans of Adam Lambert, Big Bang and the Germans of Tokio Hotel, it was no surprise for hosts to announce the winner: “One more time! Tokio Hotel Aliens”.
However, despite not being physically present at the award ceremony, Bill and Tom were the delight of their fans in a thanking video in which Bill did not follow with Tom’s joke changing their identities.
"Thank you so much! We are unbelievable proud! This is just the best feeling in the world to have you guys, to have your support all these years…It’s crazy! I don’t know what to say, it’s madness…Thank you guys so much! You can be so proud of yourself…” were some words to thank from the singer who quickly played with the main point that fans expect: the new album.
I know you guys are waiting for music and I know we keep saying that we are in the studio still…BUT we definitely pu out something this year…I promise here and now 100% right now here…You are gonna hear music soon and I can’t wait for you guys hear it, I can’t wait to share with you guys"said the youngest of the Kaulitz.
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